#6 - Simple Shelf with little Effort and no Skill

In the video about the lenses I noticed that such documentations of "How-To"-stuff can become a bit...boring very quickly. For that reason I tried to keep this video a bit more exciting and entertaining by using faster, shorter cuts and more timelapses (and just leaving a whole lot out). I get the advice to add music, but to be honest I have a hard time finding something appropiate. Often I get annoyed by wrong music in videos and would rather prefer no music at all.


With every new video I try something new; music this time. Its actually not so easy to find the right one as it has to be good, fitting and come with the right licence (Creative Commons). Unfortunatly still you can never satisfy everyone with a music choice.

Another thing I tried out was to strap a GoPro to a steering wheel, instead of fixing it to the window or other places of a car. It made a cool effect I think. So with this I went on a drive through the neighborhood in this usually good weather for a german winter and made a nice timelapse video.

#5 - Timelapse Drive through Berlin (Spandau / Siemensstadt)

#4 - How to make Optical Lenses

The speed in which I produce new videos is hard to believe! Again something new after only 1 month :). This time it is about a topic that follows me for quite a while now: optical systems and the quest to make lenses in an acceptable quality.

In any case, thats what I also learn from such videos, I should definately make shorter ones - in exchange for higher quantity hopefully.

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