I finally got around to do a video about a method to find our projectile speeds, without using expensive gear like an actual chronograph or a highspeed camera. I tried this out first a couple of years ago with a bow, and its works reasonable fine, probably within a margin of error of +- 5% or so.

#9 - Measuring Projectile Speeds - without a Chrony

#8 - 8500 km Solo-Trip um die Ostsee

After endless hours in my Video cutting program here is a summary of scenes of my trip around the Baltic Sea. This time even with music, and I think it even fits quite well.


New photos in the.. Photo-Section. A while ago I finished a roadtrip were I drove around the whole Baltic Sea and visited the North Cape. From this trip quite a bit more content will soon come to the site. First, a small video about an interestin optical effect I saw while being in Copenhagen.

#7 - Dark is always on the Right

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