#14 - A BETTER homemade Crossbow!

After 8 months of building time + 3 months additional work for making bolts and making the video this is the next evolutionary step for the homemade crossbow! Mainly of course I recommend watching the Video to get to know more. But I have also made an article in the DIY-Projects-Section, where I present the evolution of the design among other things.


A while ago I have gotten a garage which I am slowly transforming to a workshop. There I hope to finish a lot more projects a lot quicker than before. Of course I need space to work there, which is why I build 2 workbenches following a similar design to what I used on my small workbench in my living room and of course some improvements as well.

#12 - Two Workbenches for new Workshop

Articles for DIY Projects

Well I have this DIY-Projects-Section on this site. So far most of the links in there were just dead links with thumbnails. I changed that now and added (almost) everywhere some pictures and desciptions. In there are many projects I am still proud of, like a Newton's cradle, a Picture of Nails, or Bows of Metal.

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