A new video. This time a small review of a crossbow that I got recently (..after a 6-month delivery time..). The Talon Eagle Pro. Coming up next probably more content with this very crossbow.

Also did some bugfixing on the menu: the error that occured on Internet Explorer wasn't actually an error and more a wrongly written CSS-File by me :)

#3 - First Impressions of the Talon Eagle Pro Crossbow

Improved the layout of the site and made it easier to read and started doing the english subsites. Also started with the page for DIY-Projects. So far its only the thumbnails and dead links. To produce the content for that one takes a while. For some reason the display of the menu in Internet Explorer doesnt quite work right. I dont know yet why that is, but I am open for suggestions :).


After the domain provider of my old personal website '' closed down, I bought this new domain '' and made this new website. Design and layout are much simplified and more sleek now and I added a lot of new content, like the videos from my Youtube-Channel, DIY-Projects and other things that interest me. The traditional subpages with artworks, photos etc. also remain of course and got updated.


#2 EN - Homemade Crossbow out of Spring Steel

My second video for my Youtube Channel. This time it is about a DIY-project that occupied me for a while. This homemade crossbow is the first evolutionary step of a project I will pursue a lot further in the future. Things like a aiming system are still missing entirel. Also the gripp and the shoulder rest are only temporary so far. This will get much better in the next steps.


I now have a small Youtube Channel on which I will - unregular so far - add videos about topics that interest me. This will be mainly things like vehicles, DIY stuff and explanatory videos. For the start it is a video with a ride on my motorcycle.

#1 MZ TS 250/1 Sound